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Jefferson Capital Systems was founded in 2002 based on the bedrock principles of listening, identifying solutions, and “doing the right thing.” It’s why last year alone, it was able to help hundreds of thousands of account holders find workable solutions to resolve their accounts and move forward with their lives. Over the past 20-years, Jefferson Capital has become one of one of the largest debt buyers in the United States, while undergoing significant growth and transformation.

Jefferson Capital is headquartered in St. Cloud, Minnesota with additional offices located in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Denver, Colorado (United States); Basingstoke, England; Woking, England and Glasgow, Scotland (United Kingdom); as well as London, Ontario and Toronto, Ontario (Canada). As the company has grown, so has its capabilities. Jefferson Capital Systems growth has been fueled by The JCap Difference: Its Proprietary Solutions, Data Science Expertise, and Best in Class Compliance Program.

Jefferson Capital Systems has embraced innovation and adapted to the evolving needs of the account receivables industry. Its trademarked proprietary solutions in cutting-edge technologies have enabled it to assess the value of debt portfolios accurately, and enhanced its debt recovery processes. With the use of advanced modeling approaches, including neural networks and artificial intelligence, Jefferson Capital Systems utilizes predictive modeling techniques applied to multi-year data sets on millions of unique consumers. These models allow Jefferson Capital Systems to make industry-leading decisions about account holder contact ability, optimal legal profitability and placement determinations. Its models are refreshed at least annually to ensure the most recent consumer payment behavior trends are incorporated. These advancements have allowed it to streamline operations, increase efficiency, and deliver better outcomes for all stakeholders.

Jefferson Capital Systems has maintained a principle of compliance first since day one. It operates in the highest ethical manner and in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations including the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and regulations set forth by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). These regulations aim to protect consumers’ rights and ensure fair and ethical practices in debt collection. By adhering to the applicable laws and regulations, Jefferson Capital Systems helps consumers handle their financial commitments, while protecting their clients’ reputations.

As a debt buyer and collector, Jefferson Capital Systems plays a significant role in the broader financial ecosystem. By purchasing and recovering debt, the company helps original creditors to mitigate losses and maintain liquidity. Additionally, the debt collection process allows consumers to address their outstanding financial obligations and work towards improving their creditworthiness.

As Jefferson Capital Systems reviews the past and looks to the future, they strive to stay ahead of industry trends and anticipate the changing needs of their clients and consumers. With their unwavering commitment to integrity and their innovative spirit, Jefferson Capital Systems is well-positioned to continue as a leader in the account receivables industry.

Jefferson Capital Systems
Jefferson Capital Systems Reviews