Jefferson Capital: Embracing Change, Fostering Resilience, and Building 5

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Change is an inexorable force propelling progress, and for Jefferson Capital, the winds of change have ushered in a new era as we bid farewell to our cherished headquarters building and embark on a transformative journey to our new location. Jefferson Capital Systems reviews show this strategic move marks a pivotal milestone in our company’s history, symbolizing growth, innovation, and adaptability. However, before we turn our gaze forward, it is imperative to reflect on the past, for the place we leave behind holds the narrative of how Jefferson Capital evolved into the entity it is today.


While many old buildings retain a unique charm and significance, “Building 5” at 16 McLeland Road in St. Cloud, Minnesota, stands out not for its architectural splendor but for the role it played in shaping the character and values of Jefferson Capital. A converted Fingerhut warehouse from the 1960s, still adorned with early-1980s décor, it may not win design awards, but its significance is profound. Building 5 was one of numerous warehouses erected during the pioneer days of mail-order catalog shopping, witnessing the heyday of massive mail and phone orders, bustling holidays, and a workforce dedicated to assisting consumers. It is a repository of stories.


For over 20 years, many of our associates worked in Building 5. Despite its aging appearance, birds in the air vents and lack of design foresight for a rapidly growing business, the converted warehouse fostered a unique workplace environment. Its large open footprint encouraged collaboration across diverse departments, especially during busy holidays when associates, regardless of their role, lent a hand to one another. Potluck meals in the lunchroom became a tradition, embodying the spirit of camaraderie. The smiles and stories from this aging converted warehouse contributed to the character and resilience ingrained in both our associates and our business, shaping Jefferson Capital into what it is today.


The decision to relocate was deliberate, with months of careful planning and consideration invested in selecting a space aligning with Jefferson Capital’s future vision. Our new office boasts modern facilities, new desks and monitors, updated architecture, LED lighting, enhanced HVAC systems and natural lighting. It is an environment crafted to promote collaboration and productivity. Beyond the physical advantages, the move injects fresh energy into our workplace, fostering excitement among associates. Just as they worked seamlessly together in Building 5, our associates dedicated themselves to ensuring a smooth transition to the new location, showcasing the camaraderie that distinguishes Jefferson Capital in the industry.

Our new facility in Sartell, Minnesota, a few miles from 16 McLeland Road, may not evoke daily reminders of our origins, but it accelerates our tradition of working together to do the right thing. Grateful for the two-plus decades spent at Building 5, we carry its character and authenticity forward, confident that these qualities will endure at our new home, along with the memories of Building 5.

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