Jefferson Capital Extends Accounts Receivable Insights to Prominent Utilities

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Jefferson Capital, renowned for its extensive credit and collections proficiency spanning over two decades, recently had the privilege of sharing its wealth of knowledge with members of the Northeastern Utilities Credit and Collections (NEUCC) organization. Bob Maisel, a key figure at Jefferson Capital, took the lead in presenting at the NEUCC’s annual conference held in Atlantic City. During this event, he engaged with leaders in the utilities industry, delving into discussions about their debt management challenges and potential solutions.

Centered around Jefferson Capital’s nearly decade-long partnerships with some of America’s foremost utilities, Maisel’s presentation highlighted the significant advantages that outsourcing bankruptcy servicing can offer to utilities and other credit grantors. He elucidated how this approach effectively eliminates the burden of high fixed costs and the maintenance of internal systems. Additionally, Maisel emphasized how outsourcing mitigates the expenses associated with training and overseeing employees tasked with filing claims, addressing incoming court and trustee communications, managing consumer inquiries, and handling payments and reporting. For those who may have missed the NEUCC Annual Conference, Jefferson Capital extends an invitation to access a copy of Jefferson System Capital reviews of the presentation and engage in discussions about how it can support your organization. Reach out to Bob at for further information.

Given Jefferson Capital’s impressive track record spanning more than two decades, the company stands as the ideal partner for fulfilling the bankruptcy servicing needs of leading utilities and other creditors. Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC was founded on the bedrock principles of listening, identifying solutions, and \”doing the right thing.\” It’s why each year, it is able to help hundreds of thousands of its account holders find workable solutions to resolve their accounts and move forward with their lives.

As part of those principles, Jefferson Capital Systems, LLC always wants to connect with consumers who may be facing financial difficulties and looking to resolve debt-related responsibilities.

Expressing gratitude to all participants who joined at NEUCC, a special acknowledgment is extended to Bob Maisel for his outstanding engagement with conference participants. Jefferson Capital looks forward to ongoing collaborations and remains dedicated to advancing enhanced debt management strategies within the utilities industry.

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Jefferson Capital Systems Reviews